Our Story

Design techniques on fabric can only be perfected over time.

Over the years, Shevron has been a chosen partner for corporates, innovators, makers and artists in creating unique and high-quality fabric works like no other. Think new and bold – with Shevron.


We are fabric and embroidery experts with innovative, unrivalled design techniques.

We trace our roots to the early 1990s. When our founder, Sam Yip, graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), he was discovered for his innate talent in embroidery programming and design. His embroidery masterpieces, which required a technical complexity that the industry has not seen, drew the attention of renowned global clients. In 1998, he charted a new course with the set-up of Sam Embroidery Pte Ltd, a company offering custom embroidery services, and became highly sought after.

In the years that followed, Sam’s dedication to the research and discovery of new embroidery techniques and fabric uses elevated the business to a whole new level. His signature styling and workmanship delighted both local customers and established clothing labels such as Disney, GAP, Macy, Old Navy and Abercrombie & Fitch.


Jade Yip, Managing Director

“As the eldest of 10 children in a modest family, my father, Sam, took it upon himself to pave the way for a brighter future. He has enjoyed art since young, and draws extremely well with intricate detailing, precision and vibrant colour combinations, even by hand. These skills are rare and are not found even among the budding artists of today. Besides producing chic, modern and Asian designs, my father also enjoys woodworking and gardening in his spare time, which reveals his patience and passion for discovery and perfection.”


We constantly redefine ourselves to produce fabric works like no other.

Inspired by the potential of Asian craftsmanship, Sam decided to set up Shevron Pte Ltd in 2002 to offer our clients an entirely fresh perspective. Instead of mass replicating artworks from Europe and the west, he desired to reignite Asian arts and culture for current and future generations by crafting authentic, exquisite and high-quality Asian art pieces for enjoyment by all. Some of our early works, such as embroidered greeting cards, took flight in cities around the world including Frankfurt, Barbados and Hong Kong, while over 100 seasonal creations such as Chinese couplets flourished in retail outlets and department stores in Singapore.

Today, our team continues to accentuate corporate gifting and contemporary living with the highest standards in design and manufacturing. Through originatively, unrivalled embroidery and design techniques, we are committed to experiment, co-create and nurture new ideas with businesses, partners and independent makers with the same passion, drive and rigour carried by our founder.


A powerful new vision in the world of art.

Led by our Managing Director, Jade Yip, Shevron is rethinking its aspirations. Jade, who worked her way up and was involved in every aspect – from production, design, and sales and marketing – took over at the helm upon her graduation from Singapore Management University and believed in bringing modern Asian design to new heights.

Today, our offerings are a showcase of what’s uniquely Shevron. In line with our new M.A.D. focus, we bridge ancient and modern sensibilities in our designs, evoking memories, stories and perspectives in the deconstruction and construction of solutions and ideas.

Our signature style is carried in our innovation and design, reinventing expressions and stories for the enjoyment of current and future generations.

From new geographies and product categories to consumer segments and vertical stages of production, Shevron is purposeful in bringing modern Asian art and design to new communities and audiences globally.