Reinventing Heritage

Discover a powerful new vision in design, heritage and expression.

At Shevron, we are fabric and embroidery experts who see, understand and experience designs differently. We constantly redefine ourselves to create innovative, one-of-a-kind embroidered fabric works.

By partnering up with corporates, innovators, makers and Asia’s master artisans, we strengthen personal and business relationships and help customers impress the people that matter.

Discover the signature touch that we’ve perfected over time.


Produce innovative and exquisite corporate gifts at any desired quantity. Leverage our fabric and embroidery expertise, and strengthen important relationships.



Elevate contemporary spaces and living with rich and exquisite Asian-inspired crafts created out of a passion for art, design and innovation.



Collaborate with innovators, makers, artists and craftspeople to ignite imagination and creativity in new art forms, experiences and lifestyles.