The feeling of receiving a surprise or gift is delightful. Giving the right gift at the right time results in establishing a direct and long-term relationship with your valued clients. Not only does this motivate them to continue using or purchasing your services/products, but they also become your company's very own evangelists. At Shevron, our portfolio includes premium bags, accessories, clothing, home décors and many more.
Mr Sam Yip graduated from NAFA and started his first job as an embroidery programmer. He was recognised by international buyers for his superior programming skills, which creates magnificent, unrivalled embroidery masterpieces that customers exclusively appoint. In 1992, he set up Sam Embroidery Pte Ltd (SAM) with HQ in Singapore and partnership factories in Malaysia, Cambodia and China.
Since then, the company is renowned for its distinctive embroidery styles and impressive techniques. The company's finest workmanship can be found on world leading brands from USA, Europe and Asia such as Disney, GAP, Macy, Old Navy and Abercrombie & Fitch.


Driven by his innate passion in design, he started Shevron Pte Ltd in 2002 to create a new brand and line of fabric, embroidered and print products. All our Shevron's embroideries use the technical expertise of SAM. By injecting new life to fabric, embroidery and print works catering to B2B and B2C customers, Shevron leverages the expertise of SAM to greater heights by creating lovely works of art to be enjoyed by all.

Shevron is recognised dfor its authentic craftmanship and unique designs on modern Asian culture, arts and heritage, which inspires people, connects communities and positions Singapore globally. Shevron designs, exquisitely craft and market a wide broad range of branded chic, unique gifts and art pieces with replicable embroidery at their core, reaching out to end users who value premium, quality designs.
Inspires people
Shevron wants to preserve and reignite interests of Asian culture, arts and heritage for current and future generations from our modern Asian design, products and services through storytelling.

Connecting Communities and Positioning Singapore Globally
We are actively working on developing a design community and robust platform by building a global design team through collaborating with Singapore and the world's best artists, designers, and manufacturers. Giving back to the community and growing this brand from Singapore to the world.