Medium Couplet
Medium Couplet
Medium Couplet
Medium Couplet

Medium Couplet

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Created with Korean eco-friendly felt and Germany threads for embroidery, Shevron Medium Couplet add colours to the house and lift up the atmosphere this season! It comes with unique pair of well-wishes for your family and your love ones. Shevron Medium Couplet comes as a pair.

Medium Couplet comes in 4 different styles:

  1. 家和万事兴; 平安福满门
    (jia he wan shi xing; ping an fu man men)
  2. 团圆迎富贵; 欢乐接吉祥
    (tuan yuan ying fu gui; huan le jie ji xiang)
  3. 福聚黄金地; 财进富贵门
    (fu ju huang jin di; cai jin fu gui men)
  4. 凡事谢主恩; 荣耀归于神
    (fan shi xie zhu en; rong yao gui yu shen)


  • Korean Eco-friendly felt
  • Quality threads from Germany

Size16cm x 80cm


Made in Singapore

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