Large Couplet - Shevron
Large Couplet - Shevron
Large Couplet - Shevron

Large Couplet

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Created with Korean eco-friendly felt and Germany threads for embroidery, Shevron Large Couplet creates a unique and distinctive decoration for your household. Every pair of couplet is embroidered with different well wishes. Customisation allowed you to replace the top character 吉 with your surname and select either 宅 or 府 to replace the character 祥.

Large Couplet comes in 3 different styles:

  1. 吉祥如意家兴旺; 富贵安康福满堂
    (ji xiang ru yi jia xing wang;
    fu gui an kang fu man tang)
  2. 财源广进平安宅; 福星高照幸福家
    (cai yuan guang jin ping an zai;
    fu xing gao zhao xing fu jia)
  3. 生意兴隆通四海; 财源广进达三江
    (shen yi xing long tong si hai;
    zai yuan guang jin da san jiang)


  • Korean Eco-friendly felt
  • Quality threads from Germany

Size: 30cm x 190cm


Made in Singapore

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