Large Couplet - 大挥春 - Shevron
Large Couplet - 大挥春 - Shevron

Large Couplet - 大挥春

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This couplet features the Bohemian waxwing(太平鸟), the Chinese plum and the Koi that symbolise good luck, harmony and wealth. Perfect for people who are looking for more of a unique and striking decoration. Customisation allowed you to replace the top character 吉 with your surname and select either 宅 or 府 to replace the character 祥.

Large Couplet sets in 3 different styles.

  1. May your family all goes well with bountiful blessing and auspicious year


  2. May your family be overwhelmed with bountiful blessing, wealth, harmony and fortune


  3. Everything goes well with a magnificent plan. A wishful and prosperous career future



MaterialKorean Eco-Friendly Felt, Germany Embroidery Thread, Silk Screen Satin
Size: 35 cm X 165 cm

Made in Singapore

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