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We constantly redefine ourselves to create innovative, one-of-a-kind embroidered fabric works.

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A little bag that can do big things,
as long as you choose to.

Making it through troubled times is easier done with everyone looking out for each other. In recent days, we have collectively endured much grief and fear, and more than ever, our spirit as a nation could use some new life. In the month of our 56th national birthday, we're dreaming of a Singapore spirit that is both courageous and compassionate, that champions our people and our future.

If the Giving Bag makes its way to you, we simply want you to warm a heart in any way possible. It's all up to you! For starters, you could use it to make someone feel...


We believe the Giving Bag holds the potential of a new spirit in our nation. A spirit that says yes to the new, no to staying in comfort zones and always to serving another for a stronger tomorrow, together.

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Join us in this movement to cultivate a new Singaporean spirit!

Here's a practical step-by-step of what you can do!