Shevron Collaborates With Award-Winning Chinese Calligraphers for CNY

Malik Mazlan and mentor acclaimed calligrapher Yong Cheong Thye unveils localised and unique decorative scrolls with embroidery.


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Shevron is known for its unique and intricate Chinese New Year peripherals that substitute old decorations and accessories to corporate clients and retail consumers. This year, the company is excited to announce its collaboration with acclaimed calligrapher Yong Cheong Thye and the up-and-coming artist and calligrapher Malik Mazlan. Thye is an acclaimed and awarded artist who specialises in both traditional and contemporary Chinese calligraphy. Mazlan won the Goh Chok Tong Youth Promise Award in 2016 and has been later on commissioned by government agencies and cultural institutions to produce calligraphy and carvings as gifts to their donors, among other things. Thye has been Malik’s mentor for almost 8 years.

The team up is something new and exciting for the people involved and the concept revolves around Singapore traditional shophouses, architecture, Chinese calligraphy greeting, and traditional costumes. Highlighting Singapore traditional shophouses, Chinese calligraphy greetings are usually carved into its facade. The following phrases are 福禄寿,三多九如, 和为贵 and 春贵富. This collaboration aims to use these calligraphy greetings as a way to keep the heritage alive.

Just like shophouses, Chinese fashion has been a trademark of Chinese culture. It has evolved from century to century, from Cheongsam to Han Fu. For this reason the active evolution of fashion is already included in the Chinese culture, however, the fusion of Chinese calligraphy and fashion is a rare sight to see. Having Chinese calligraphy embroidered on traditional clothes further emphasize the uniqueness of the art.

The collaboration features 富贵,吉祥, 如意 in the design. The item is enclosed in a wooden/gold frame. These marvelous decorative scrolls come in an assortment of printeand embroidered Asian-themed designs with gorgeous color and detail, including auspicious flowers and more.


The limited edition decorative scrolls will be available in Shevron website and will be sold in Shevron Chinese New Year booth during the Chinese New Year Takashimaya Bazaar from Jan 10 to Feb 3, 2019.