Now that the festive holiday is coming, it's the right time to start shopping for gifts to give to loved ones and friends. While most people these days can just conveniently pick up some random item while shopping, a carefully thought of and creatively presented gift will make memorable presents for the recipients. Embroidered gifts are one of such unique gift ideas.

What makes embroidered items suitable as special gifts?


  1. They are highly customisable




Embroidery designs are highly customisable because you can do them yourself or follow a custom pattern. There's always pleasure in personally crafting a gift for someone as it will unleash your creativity. For the recipients, they will definitely feel special knowing that what they got was personally handmade for them.

But if you're not the crafty or creative type, you can always contact a company specialising in embroidery products such as Shevron. You can draw your own design for the embroidery and ask the company to feature it on your gift such as shirts, caps, towels and bags, among others. Some companies can even help you create the design you have in mind, especially when you're not good in drawing or digital artwork. On the other hand, the embroidery company may have a design portfolio to show so that you can simply pick the ones you prefer, and possibly ask for few changes (e.g. colours) to best suit your needs.

Giving highly personalised gifts to someone especially family members or friends can help create or strengthen the personal bonds you have together because it shows how much you understand the recipient. It also shows your great effort in putting together the meaningful gift, which means you care a lot for the person.


  1. Personalised designs make unique gifts



Because embroidery products are highly customisable, you can create gifts that are truly one of a kind. As mentioned, you can DIY the embroidery using your (or the recipient's) favourite colours or you can work with an embroidery company to create the design for you.

You can also use iron-on embroidered patches which come in a wide range of designs and themes ( This is an easy and quick way to give ordinary clothes an interesting appeal since you get to iron the design on the fabric. There are a variety of products that you can use these creative, colourful patches on.

  • T-shirts are one of the most common items where you can use embroidery patches. You can iron the patches on the entire chest part of the shirt or on just one side, depending on the size of the design. You can even use it on the sleeves or on the bottom part of the shirt for a subtle effect.
  • Denim jeans are also popular items where you can use iron-on patches. Consider having them on one of the back pockets or in front of the thighs. These embroidered patches can set your gift apart from the usual plain denim jeans with a personal touch.
  • Jackets are also perfect to have iron-on embroidered patches. You can DIY this gift and be creative as you personalise the jacket. Make your friend feel special with a gift that is hard to replicate. Embroidered patches can also be used to revamp old jackets instead of throwing them away.



  • Other ideas to put embroidery patches on are pencil cases, bags, towels, coasters, mittens and bibs.



  1. There's a wide variety of designs to choose from



The embroidery can be designed to suit the interests, values and personality of the recipient. Furthermore, you can always give embroidered gifts to everyone from infants to seniors.

The gift becomes even more special if the embroidery is featured on something that means a lot to the recipient. Here are some ideas:

  • For your mum who loves to make the home nice and tidy, throw pillow covers with embroidery are perfect gifts to consider.
  • For your sister or female friends, a purse or handbag with embroidery is a classy addition to their chic fashion.
  • For an infant, a birthday gift idea is a bib or mitten with embroidery (but you can also embrace the cliché and give baby clothes). There's a lot of embroidery design available for babies (such as animals, flowers or birds) or you can always design one yourself.
  • For your coffee-loving or tea-loving friends and fabric coasters will be a delight for them. Consider giving them the embroidered ones instead.
  • For the garden hobbyists, framed embroidery of orchids or garden landscapes will be a welcome addition to their homes.


  1. Options are available for any occasion


With a massive range of designs available for everyone, embroidered gifts are definitely great to give at any time. In fact, you can even choose a design that best suit the festive holiday or special occasion, such as Chinese New Year, Birthdays and Valentines.

If you are thinking of giving home decor items such as throw pillows, wall decors and table runners as festive gifts, then consider giving them earlier than the festive holiday so that your recipients can actually use them to decorate their homes in time for the holidays. Alternatively, you can always opt for decor with general Oriental-themed designs that your recipients can use not just during a festive holiday but all-year round too.



  1. Embroidered items look classy and timeless


Although the sewing process was originally used to reinforce, tailor or repair fabric, embroidery has become a fashionable, timeless art in many countries. These nations include China, Sweden and Greece, generally alongside the art of weaving.

In fashion, embroidered embellishments add a classy appeal to modern clothes and accessories. For example, a boring pinstriped business blazer can be embroidered with colourful bunch of flowers over the shoulders to give it a stunning appeal. Furthermore, embroidery gives texture and design to an otherwise plain dress or shirt. You can also use embroidery as part of your statement earrings, which are highly textured and brightly coloured. You can also check out the Vanda Tote bag and the Vanda Shawl, which are perfect fashionable Singaporean souvenirs to purchase.


  1. Embroidered products are of good quality

any occasionedit


Although the cost of embroidery may be higher than other customized gift options (e.g. silkscreen printing on shirts), embroidered products have higher quality too.

  • When it comes to durability, printed designs can fade away or can get ripped off from fabric, unlike embroidery which lasts much longer as they're stitched through the material.
  • Professionalism is also exuded from products with embroidery accents such as shirts and jackets even when iron-on patches were used. Moreover, you can browse through these embroidered greeting cards to discover how exquisite they look as compared to regular printed cards.


  1. They're the Ideal Corporate Gift



Engaging embroidery services is also perfect if your run a company and need to mass produce corporate gifts such as shirts and other apparel embroidered with your company name and/or logo on it. The company-customized apparel makes an ideal gift for partners, customers and prospective clients for many reasons.

  • For one, adding a personal touch to embroidered corporate gifts can help foster closer relationships with your business partners. It helps your business partners remember your brand through the quality and customized gifts.
  • Embroidered apparel also gives your brand more exposure. For example, you can sponsor a tournament and distribute embroidered uniforms, which have a subtle presence of your company logo, to participants and company representatives. Especially when you're sponsoring a public event, you get to put your brand in front of your target market. Your business also gets media exposure, increasing your reach to potentially new clients. It can go a long way towards fostering the goodwill that is important for any business.




Embroidered gifts are definitely the best option to consider because they're highly customizable and unique with a massive assortment of designs available for everyone and for any occasion. Check out Shevron to discover the range of embroidered gifts available for your personal and corporate needs today.