A stunning made in Singapore collection that offers exuberant mix of vibrant colours,
prestige, symbolic design and intricate embroidery


 Shevron welcomes the Year of the Pig in style with a stunning collection of fabric decoration and embroidery manufactured and designed in Singapore. The theme revolves around the beauty of circles which is a universal symbol with extensive meaning. It represents the notions of totality, wholeness, the infinite, eternity and timelessness. This is interpreted in stunning and festive products printed on luxurious and shiny Duchess satin, intricate embroidery detailing and showcases auspicious pomegranate fruit that is an emblem of blessing, wealth and abundance. Now, everyone can own a masterpiece in their homes this Chinese New Year.

 One of the highlights will be the pomegranate series in small couplets. Pomegranate exudes majestic colours, happiness and vibrancy. Pomegranates are known as a symbol for abundance and great wealth. Families are often advised to display art or symbols of pomegranates at home to attract prosperity and wealth for their family.

 Shevron’s collection for the year of the pig comprises Chinese New Year products that are fresh and unique divergence from traditional designs that appeal to modern-day professionals who are after symbolic designs with contemporary characters. All the products will be available in Shevron’s online retail shop www.shevron.com.sg so consumers can now look forward to browsing and purchasing crafted and high-quality products.


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In line with our circles and pomegranate and tangerine theme, the vivid background on these couplets features the richness of the fruit and its auspicious colours. Not only they symbolize good luck and wealth, but, they are also designed to appear luxurious and detail-oriented. These couplets perfect for people who looking for more of a unique decoration as it is simple but striking. Adorned with different colors and bell, it is also suitable for those for would love to bring the festivity even to their workplaces!


Shevron CNY 2019 Couplet



Fabric Cutting

Using precise laser cutting techniques, Shevron translates the rich meaning of auspicious Chinese New Year phrases into picturesque decorations pieces. Each distinctive design is hand-drawn and design by our passionate designers. They explain different elements in an interesting way, such as the pomegranate that represents bountiful wealth and blessings to be bestowed in every household. Its sophisticated designs showcase an expression of elegance, yet retaining the essence of this festive season.


Shevron CNY 2019 Cutting



3D Hanging Deco

This is a new item and its design is specifically in the shape of circles. Chinese New Year lanterns, used during all joyous occasions, symbolize hope and a bright future for the upcoming year. Its circle shape gives its a unique and auspicious form as it becomes more desirable and pleasing to the eye. These lanterns look absolutely realistic and stunning as they spin gracefully when displayed. The lining and the details of the decoration are made with golden fabric from Korea, creating a beautiful shimmering effect.

They are sure to let your family and guests experience the lively atmosphere of joy and celebration in your homes!

Shevron CNY 2019 Fabric cutting



Small Hanging Decorations

These lively and fancifully embroidered hanging decorations are perfectly sized to decorate your plants or as your car interior accessory to embrace the festive mood! These hanging decorations are ideal personalised gifts for your family and friends of all ages. Designs range from 12 zodiac signs to Chinese Gods to colorful tangerines. Be sure not to miss these adorable decorations and you can even grab a full set as a personal collection!

Shevron CNY 2019 tangerine  

Shevron CNY 2019 small deco


FU Portrait

Beyond the design of 1 福 character, Shevron’s grandeur and refined work of art, also known as the 百福图, actually consist of a total of 100 福 characters. This expresses the highest blessings of abundance within each culturally enriched portrait. The feature of this exquisite piece is the use of pure gold thread imported from Japan in its intricate embroidery. For the appreciation of this remarkable piece, a pure gold thread certification is also enclosed with each large portrait to authenticate its premium quality and value.

shevron portrait article

Pure Gold available sizes are in Small/Medium/Large
Japan Gold available sizes are in Small/Medium


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Retail Locations

Shevron products can be easily located in many retail outlets islandwide.

shevron article point Takashimaya Lunar New Year Bazaar (B2 Taka Square) Shevron's Own Booth!

shevron article point Tangs (Orchard/ Vivocity / Marina Atrium)

shevron article point Robinsons Departmental Stores (Raffles City/ Orchard/ JEM)

shevron article point Isetan (Nex and Westgate)

shevron article point Metro (Paragon Atrium/ Centrepoint)

shevron article point NTUC (Waterway & Thompson)

shevron article point Yue Hwa


About Shevron

Shevron’s foundation is laid on more than three decades of core competency in producing embroidery and fabric works. With replicable embroidery at its core, Shevron designs, crafts, and markets high-quality products to meet the specific needs of corporate clients and retails customers.

One of our key services is providing custom embroidery and silkscreen printed products to corporate clients. From concept, design, manufacturing to packaging, the company provides a highly-customised one stop shop service.

The company also offers a diverse and continually renewing collection of products such as greeting cards, accessories, and apparels. In Singapore, this range can be found at select department stores such as Metro, Robinsons, Isetan, Takashimaya, and NTUC as well as tourist destinations such Changi Airport, Gardens by the Bay, National Heritage Museum, and Botanic Gardens.