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SINGAPORE, DECEMBER 2018 - Shevron shares the joy of Christmas with a slew of festive Christmas hanging decorations. Primed to bring a touch of conviviality to the year-end celebrations, expect a medley of colourful and reminiscing designs with its embroidered array of original Christmas pieces that can fill every room with merriment in no time and offers festive décor throughout the home.

This year, Shevron creates a mixture of elegance, design, and humor where childhood emotions are evoked using enticing colors, luxurious imagination, and affectionate design. Embroidered Christmas Ornaments are the perfect choice to light up the mood and prepare the home interiors for the holiday season. These exclusive hanging Christmas ornaments can be hanged from ceilings, walls, and are the best choice to decorate a Christmas tree or to fill each room up. The attractive look provided by these embroidered decorative makes it the best house decorations that greet the guests and family members.

Shevron aims to prove that the presents under the tree won’t be the only thing to remember this year. All the pieces are intricately embroidered using German thread with printed satin and twill in red, green and silver borders. Approximately 10 cm X 10 cm in size and comes in 17 designs, each piece has a silver elastic string for easy hanging with a clear packaging box that will remind everyone what Christmas is all about.

Lightweight, easy to carry and oozing with Christmas feel, it is very different from the usual 3D Christmas baubles in the market. These ornaments aim to become the trend for Christmas because of its design, uniqueness, and practicality. From Santa Claus to the Nutcracker, to Mr. Snowman, Christmas trees in snow, Gingerbread, Christmas angels, Santa’s sleigh, Christmas wreath, Rudolph the reindeer, Christmas bells and many more. These gorgeous and colorful holiday accents will fill each home with warmth and wonder.

If you are into memorable Christmas designs with a touch of uniqueness and quality, then you can add Shevron’s ornaments to your list. Proudly made in Singapore, these items are on limited quantities and are exclusively sold to specific malls such as Metro, Tangs, Isetan, and Robinsons and will be available on Shevron website as well. Shevron will be announcing their Christmas Early Bird promotions online. More details will be announced on their social media pages.

The beauty of embroidery is perfect for Christmas and Shevron offers this age-old craft by highlighting it with modern refinements that will resonate in today’s expanding consumers. The art of embroidery is now back in trend and this inspired Shevron to take the favorite classic Christmas ornaments by adding eclectic embroidered detailing.

What’s the best way of celebrating Christmas than getting the beautifully-designed and carefully crafted embroidered ornaments that are very stylish and can be used as special centerpieces during the holidays.

Skip the normal Christmas ornaments and become trendy. Before you know it, you'll have Christmas all wrapped up.