Shevron partnered local designer Priscilla Shunmugam, from Singapore-based contemporary womenswear label Ong Shunmugam, to produce embroidered motifs for her designs. Based on Priscilla’s ideas, the team brought her vision from design to finish in the most cost-effective approach.

Shevron had the privilege of engaging the local fashion scene in 2015. This opportunity surfaced when local designer label, One Shunmugam, tasked the company to fabricate embroidery motifs for its 2016 Cruise Collection – a range of contemporary Asian womenswear that draws inspiration from traditional costumes within the region.

Drawing on the designer’s affinity for traditional designs with a modern spin, the new collection had to deliver a compelling line of products that fused Asia’s varied traditional cultures, complete with modern refinements. The team came up with embroidered ship and flower patterns to convey the designer’s distinct style. The motifs were emblazoned on kimono-inspired obi belts, wide billowing sleeves and jumpsuits for the purpose of this unique collection. When met with the challenge of applying machined embroidered patterns on soft apparels such as silk and chiffon, the team adopted a new embroidery programming method that could address the shortfall of conventional embroidery making.

Shevron’s readiness to explore new techniques places its clients at the centre of the design and manufacturing processes. The use of cutting-edge techniques allowed the company to produce embroidered patterns that were a seamless fit to Ong Shunmugam’s new collection. The result was soft and flexible embroidery that could be easily applied to apparel to complete Priscilla’s evocative designs.

Moving forward, Shevron hopes to introduce this technology to other brands and products that demand similar requirements. The company also hopes to establish a long-standing relationship with local designers as they carve their path in the design scene.