Collaboration with Swarovski provided the opportunity for the company to tap into a relatively new market segment that target the new-age women. Using Swarovski crystals, Shevron designed a Swarovski Elements Raw Silk Clutch as a modern-day accessory for discerning women.

Through the use of embroidered motifs, Shevron was tasked by Swarovski to breathe new life into ordinary clutches. The new clutch was envisioned as a combination of Swarovski’s innovative outlook and Shevron’s creative zeal to create an iconic clutch that exudes impeccable style and quality. The creative joint venture offered the team fresh perspectives, as well as the opportunity to experiment and work with new decorative elements and textures to create an up-market lifestyle accessory.

The launch of the Swarovski Elements Raw Silk Clutch marked an important milestone for Shevron, as it offered the opportunity to leverage synergies from the successful collaboration and a platform to explore a wider market.

Following the success of the Elements Raw Silk Clutch, Shevron and Swarovski collaboratively designed and produced a premium Thai Silk Clutch. It was a composition of Swarovski crystals, high-quality Thai silk and velvet suede interlining, to serve as a limited edition redemption gift for OCBC’s 2015 Chinese New Year promotional campaign.

Launch of the Thai Silk Clutch helped achieve OCBC’s objectives and enabled the campaign to reap success on many levels.