Shevron was commissioned by Singtel to design and produce high-quality Chinese New Year corporate gifts. The creation of Tangerine Pouch and Red Packet was a heartfelt token to its many business partners for their contribution towards the company’s success.

“This supplier gives me peace of mind and allows me to sleep better at night. We have undergone several suppliers. We are assured that working with you, the product will be delivered on time, within budget and of good quality. This year’s hong baos are making an impact and must be well-liked as we see colleagues asking for them on our Singtel social platform.”

Testimonial by Singtel

Corporate gifting is a common practice in the business world. This practice becomes more prevalent during Chinese New Year amongst local companies. Singtel is of no exception, and has in fact been appointing Shevron to produce customised Chinese New Year corporate gifts since 2011.

With Singtel’s rebranding in 2015, the design of its corporate gift, comprising red packets and a tangerine pouch, was in need of a shift to convey the new brand values: Trust, Care and Discover. The design also had to communicate the new brand purpose: To make real, positive changes in the lives of everyday people.

To align the gifts with the new brand identity, the team had to come up with new design parameters. For instance, an angular pouch that was reproduced from Singtel’s past square logo, gave way to an ovular design that was a better match to its new logo. Made of premier Korea felt, each tangerine pouch carried a character in the greeting message “福满吉祥聚兴旺” and elements to signify the character: such as fireworks and cherry blossoms to depict the character “興”, and peonies, symbolic of richness and good luck, to denote “福”.

The red packets used satin fabric with rainbow hotstamping. The effect was a one-of-a-kind design that displayed added dimension and depth. It was also a refreshing breakaway from traditional red packets printed on paper.

To best bring out Singtel’s brand identity, a customised pantone colour was used for the gifts, in order to mirror Singtel’s red logo. Shevron showcased further expertise by combining different mediums for the red packets and tangerine pouches, and packaging them to create a cohesive look. The final product was a well-deliberated design that conveyed sincerity and best wishes to Singtel’s many valued partners.