About the Company

Shevron’s foundation is laid on more than three decades of core competency in producing embroidery and fabric works. With replicable embroidery at its core, Shevron designs, crafts and markets high-quality products to meet the specific needs of corporate clients and retail customers.

One of its key services is providing custom embroidery and silkscreen printed products to corporate clients. From concept, design, manufacturing to packaging, the company provides a highly-customised one-stop service to deliver corporate gifts. This service adds value to a corporate client’s gifting architecture through a worthwhile gifting journey to boost a brand image.

Apart from corporate gifts, the company also offers a diverse and continually renewing collection of products such as greeting cards, accessories and apparels. In Singapore, this range can be found at select departmental stores such as Metro and Robinsons, as well as tourist destinations such Changi Airport, Gardens by the Bay and Botanic Gardens.

Our Craft

Shevron is the first company in Singapore to integrate embroidery in high-quality products. Our embroidery combines beautiful threadworks and conscientious craftsmanship with the use of state-of-the-art technology. The strategic partnership with Sam Embroidery, a Singapore-based garment manufacturer that specialises in embroidery, attests to high-quality machine embroideries. The result is intricate embroideries that display hand-sewn effect.

Our understanding of embroidery techniques, fabrics and papers also allows us to create quality products that are distinct in the market. Equipped with the knowledge, expertise and resource, we can tailor solutions to suit a client’s budget. We are also capable of cost-effective and consistent embroidery, with excellent turnaround times.

Our Design Philosophy

Our products are a careful calibration of design flair and sound craftsmanship. They combine function and form to showcase design sensibility and creativity, as well as demonstrate the attention to details. Curated with great intent and manufactured to denote product excellence, these designs converge passion and innovation.

Our Quality Promise

With materials like thread and cloth forming the basic components of embroidery, every detail underlies our commitment to clients. With this understanding, Shevron only sources from the best to ensure high-quality products. For instance, premier German Isacord embroidery threads are used alongside quality fabrics such as Eco-Fi felt, duchess satin and organza to achieve optimal results. Quality pearls, beads, metal strips, quills, sequins and even Swarovski’s crystals have been used to bring out the exclusiveness of our designs.